Upcoming Events




January 28th 2017-Indiana Saddle Horse Association Annual Meeting

February 12th 2017- Hendricks County Horseman’s Club Equine Education Event

February 20th 2017- Hamilton County Horseman’s Club Annual Meeting

March 31st – April 1st 2017- Hoosier Horse Fair

April 6th-9th 2017-Equine Affaire, Columbus, OH

April 27-30 2017- Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event http://www.rk3de.org

May 20th-21st 2017- ISHA Spring All Breed Show

June 3-4 2017-Mounted Archer Clinic http://mmarchers.blogspot.com/

August 26th-27th 2017-ISHA Fall All Breed Show

October 5th-8th- Retired Racehorse Makeover Project  https://www.retiredracehorseproject.org/

November 18-19- Audit Michael Barisone Clinic at Forrest Hill Farm

November 19- ISHA Club Meeting

November 24-26 George H. Morris Clinic, Anitoch IL

December 2-3 Audit Michael Henaghan Clinic at Sport Horse Events

Have an event we should know about or be a part of?  Please let us know by emailing abalas14.ab@gmail.com!